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Data Driven Intelligence

Real-time reporting and analytics

ISA Insights is a comprehensive dynamic reporting and analytics suite. Sourcing data from multiple databases, including MMEx, Insights turns hard-to-read clinical information into easy-to-read graphs and reports.

Backed by our team of business intelligence analysts and health informatics specialists, Insights can be used for clinical audits, improving on data quality, patient management and chronic disease care, clinical research, business opportunities and best practice management.

Key Features

Real-Time Reporting
Intuitive User Interface
Data Extract
Report Scheduling
Web Authoring



Enhancing Clinic Performance

The ISA Insights billing dashboard allows you to view and manage the performance of both your clinic and individual staff. With the ability to look at the number of MBS Items and the total charge amount, the report allows you to drill down to the data and see which MBS items, staff, and clinics are performing at their peak. Practice Managers now have the correct data to enhance their clinic’s performance.


Clinical Outcomes

ISA Insights allows you to assess the effectiveness of clinical interventions. In the case above you can see a comparison of pre-intervention and post-intervention HbA1c results in a study of 50 diabetic patients. Insights will allow you to drill down to individual patients and determine their clinical outcome due to the intervention.


Population Health

ISA Insights provides a high-level overview of your entire patient population. Filtering enables you to choose specific patient cohorts that you would like to focus on. Refinements can be made based on much more than just a brief list of patient demographics, including diagnosis, primary provider, regular status (3 occasions of service in the last 24 months), and much more.



ISA Insights is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. This means you don't need to worry about buying and maintaining servers and other hardware - everything is provided as a platform and as part of the subscription cost of the software. This also means that you always have access to the latest patches, releases and versions of the ISA Insights software.

ISA Insights is hosted in our two secure data centres in Western Australia, meaning patient data resides safely in Australia. The two datacentres also provide redundant industrial grade resiliency in the event of a disaster affecting one of them. This means your application and patient records are more reliably available than any other hosted solution.

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